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Bulk SMS and Voice SMS in Nigeria has become a gold mine. Since the introduction of mobile phones, an estimate of about 101,271,578 Nigerian uses Mobile phones as of 2012 (Wikipedia).

If an average of one hundred million Nigerians sends just one SMS per day that will come to a total N100, 000,000 worth of SMS being used on a daily basis. This means companies into the sales of Bulk SMS are making a combined sale of N100, 000,000 in a day. This is a lot of money to which can be tapped into.

Bulk SMS is simply sending a large quantity of SMS to mobile networks which will, in turn, be delivered to phone numbers on that network where the messages are sent to while Voice SMS is the sending a pre-recorded voice in form of SMS and people receive it like a phone call. It is mostly used by private, public, profit or non-profit organizations. Examples are banks, churches, schools, NGOs, individuals, small businesses and large businesses. Benefits include raising awareness, sending alerts, reminders, greetings, customer service and so on.


The good news is that the start-up cost of Bulk SMS and Voice SMS reseller business is relatively low. It is a business which can be started from home(no office space needed), also suitable as a business that can be done alongside your day time job. You can even become your own boss with the right business approach. Don’t wait any longer, start your own company in Nigeria today!

The basic tools needed to start a Bulk SMS and Voice SMS business is a laptop (doesn’t have to be new or expensive) which has basic features and has the ability to connect to the internet via LAN (a cable that can be connected to a router or modem) or WIFI.

Another tool of the trade is internet connectivity via broadband or a modem which may be wireless (can connect to with a LAN or cable or by using a WIFI device) or non-wireless (can be connected to only through a cable). This connection is necessary to access your website or admin panel where you manage your clients’ accounts. You will need the internet to monitor your transactions in your bank account when a customer makes payment. If you move around a lot, you may need to use broadband (in the form of a USB) to gain access to the internet everywhere you go. Else, you can use a modem either at your office or at home.

It is advisable to always use your own secure network especially when you will be accessing your online transaction and emails. You can also go for the hourly plans which most internet providers offer since you may not need to be on the internet for 24hrs, this will mean you will log on and off the internet when necessary.

Other tools needed online are a website, a web interface for clients to send SMS, an admin interface for you to manage the users(clients/customers) accounts i.e add clients’ information to the database, delete clients from the database, edit clients’ information, add SMS credit to clients’ account.


  • A Bulk SMS / Voice SMS Reseller in Nigeria can earn extra profit from selling bulk sms.
  • Selling Bulk SMS / Voice SMS is not time consuming, it can be done along side other businesses.
  • A Bulk SMS / Voice SMS Reseller in Nigeria does not need to recruit staff to do the job except he or she desires.
  • A Bulk SMS / Voice SMS Reseller in Nigeria does not need to acquire an office (except he or she desires) and can therefore work from anywhere in Nigeria.
  • A Bulk SMS / Voice SMS Reseller in Nigeria can be his or her own boss (you can quit your day time job to grow your bulk sms business full time).
  • A Bulk SMS / Voice SMS Reseller in Nigeria become a CEO of his or her own company after registering your business with CAC.
  • A Bulk SMS / Voice SMS Reseller in Nigeria can apply for a current account at the bank for business transactions.


BetaSMS offers a Bulk SMS and Voice SMS Reseller Package for people interested in having extra cash flow without the stress of taking another job or for those looking for an avenue to make money from a source which is not time-consuming.

Reseller Package is a complete end-to-end hassle free solution for resellers with a dedicated server and control panel to manage the users (clients/customers) accounts. Reseller Package Highlights:

  • Database of a target area or audience
  • A secure connectivity to your SMSC infrastructure
  • An ADMIN INTERFACE to manage your Clients′ account
  • A LOGIN PLATFORM for your Clients to register under you and login to thier account
  • A Professional Website; whether you have your domain name, web hosting or none (optional, at a fee)