Voice SMS


Voice SMS (Short Message Service) allows you send short pre-recorded audio messages to your family and friends on any network in the world by simply uploading the voice message on betasms platform.

The benefit is that people get to hear your voice as you communicate your ideas to them. Our rates are affordable and reliable. We also have a smart voice sms service that allows you to collect data or pull by asking people to press 1,2,or 3. You can call 070344558709 for more information.


  • Fast SMS Delivery
  • Sending Voice SMS in Nigeria allows you to reach a Large Audien
  • Voice SMS in Nigeria is a cheap way of Audio Advertising
  • Sending Voice SMS in Nigeria gives a personalized Advertizing experience

At BetaSMS, we strive to help our Clients to achive thier goals. We not only provide Voice SMS for our Clients, we also add many benefits which includes:

SMS Delivery to Mobile numbers and CDMA numbers(Landline)

SMS schedule for sending messages in a future date and time

Naira Billing System to help monitor your credit

Voice SMS does not expire