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BetaSMS.com provides large selection of marketing tools to ensure that your Bulk sms, Voice sms / Robo call, Email Marketing in Nigeria, Reseller Service and Pin Blaster is a huge success. We also provide you with reliable database.

Founded in 2010, BetaSMS saw the need for low cost marketing tools such as Bulk sms Nigeria, Voice SMS in Nigeria, Robo call in Nigeria, Email Marketing in Nigeria and BetaSMS Pin Marketing as big marketing communication channel. These tools are meant to be deployed by companies who are forward-thinkers.

BetaSMS has created a beautiful platform which integrates Voice SMS and Bulk SMS into one account through straightforward web-based SMS software that would be accessible, accountable, user friendly, increase performance and cover larger network.

Our mission is to make affordable marketing tools available to both individuals and businesses in Nigeria. Our vision is to become the leading online/mobile marketing service provider in Nigeria.

Over the years, BetaSMS has developed and improved its bulk SMS platform, which now has many more useful tools than when it was first built. We have been able to integrate Voice SMS Service which has high demand in Nigeria.

Our Platform is accounts for every SMS uploaded through a Naira Billing System which shows how much is charged per SMS sent. It has the capacity of delivering SMS to all Mobile Networks in Nigeria such as MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo as well as CDMA Networks.

Nigerians view Bulk SMS Service as a commodity. They expect these marketing tools (Bulk SMS, Voice SMS and Email Marketing) to achieve results at a competitive price.

BetaSMS has been able to offer quality SMS at an affordable price. Our price is very competitive with other reputable Nigerian Bulk SMS providers. We offer one unit of sms as stated on our pricing page so you are rest assured there is no cheating!

Please feel free to reach us on 08054639765 or info@betasms.com if you have any further questions on Bulk sms, Voice sms / Robo call, Email Marketing in Nigeria, Reseller Service and Pin Blaster

Whether Bulk sms,Voice sms/Robo call, Email Marketing in Nigeria, Reseller Service and Pin Blaster, we help you reach MORE people for LESS!

We believe our affordable marketing tools can help Your Business Needs.

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