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BetaSMS offers convenient and very affordable bulk SMS service. Many businesses are looking for effective SMS solution to help meet their business objectives. Bulk SMS provides fast and cost- effective means of reaching out to clients across the country
The first step in sending out bulk SMS is to create an account. To create an account, a new subscriber is required to fill the necessary details into the provided field. A standard registration form usually consists of contact name, company name Email address, phone number, username and password. After the registration has been completed a confirmation email is sent to the new sign up. The new sign ups can change their password when needed
The next step is to fund the account to be able to start sending messages to recipients. This is done by using your debit card online, bank transfer or bank payment over the counter. After payment has been made into one of the bank options provided by the service provider, the subscriber will automatically be credited.

BetaSMS has years of experience and has worked with leading companies to help engineer bespoke SMS solutiions that will help drive revenue growth and outstanding results. The platform is designed to effectively serve both small and large organisations in delivering topnotch bulk SMS services. BetaSMS doesn’t just offer messaging services it also helps brands develop their own customized system for the purpose of rendering bulk sms service to their own clients. Advanced messaging options, customized web messaging portal and 24/7 Global support are some of the unique features of BetaSMS.
With extensive experience consulting for organisations ranging from SME to Enterprise level, with particular expertise in the banking, logistics, healthcare, and technology sectors. The team is ready to take on any task and deliver practical results and equipping clients with the SMS solution needed to optimize their mobile business strategy

BetaSMS SMS solution has aided the growth of many businesses over the years and more business are embracing the system as a means of promoting their products and services. Service providers improve their services by constantly updating their system to ensure fast and effective SMS solutions both locally and internationally.