How to become a BULK SMS Provider/Reseller In Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya or Uganda

Who Is A Reseller?

A reseller also known as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) is an individual or company who sells the product or service owned or provided by another company for a profit or commission. Resellers focus on generating sales and maximizing profits.

Why BetaSMS?

Unlike most SMS providers in Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda, BetaSMS provides SMS and Voice SMS serivice to Ghanians from one Platfom. Joining us BetaSMS will give you not just service leverage, we will also give you pricing leverage.

How Do I become a Reseller In Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya or Uganda?

To become a reseller with us is very simple. All you need is to purchage 10,000 units and we will give you our reseller system for FREE. You will be able to create and manage users without stress

Our support team always repond to emails or you can give us a call on +2347034455709 or +2348054639765. You can reach us on Whatsapp +2347034455709