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Bulk SMS in Nigeria has been growing at a consistent pace over the years thanks to brands and companies using it as a tool for passing messages across to their clients. Nigeria with a current population of about 186 Million, has a larger audience to be reached which bulk SMS providers are taking advantage of.
Bulk SMS is the circulation of large volume of messages to a specified group of numbers. It is fast becoming a tool used globally by both small and large organizations to promote their products and services. it comes in handy when there is a need to send out alerts, reminders, promotional messages and invitations.
BetaSMS prioritizes fast and cost-effective bulk SMS delivery process as we understand the urgent need to have messages delivered to clients on time. Payment methods have also been simplified to aid the process of getting started on the platform. The minimum bulk SMS unit available for sale on this platform is 500 units. The main Message is entered in the Compose SMS box on the Compose SMS page. The number of characters in the Signature box will be considered if you are using Signature Content. You can go to your “Personal Settings” page and save or modify the signature content.

The first step in sending out bulk SMS is to create an account. To create an account, you are required to fill the necessary details into the provided field. A standard registration form consists of the contact name, company name, email address, phone number, username, and password. After the registration has been completed a confirmation email is sent to the new sign up. The new sign ups can change their password when needed.
The next step is to fund the account to be able to start sending messages to recipients. This is done by using your debit card online, bank transfer or bank payment over the counter. The minimum amount that can be paid in most bulk SMS platforms is #1000. After payment has been made into one of the bank options provided, you will automatically be credited to start sending out messages
Financial institutions, restaurants, hotels, service companies and retail outlets all have a use for bulk SMS services.  It goes without saying that one of the fastest and reliable ways to reach people is through their mobile phones. Companies use bulk text messaging as a tool to stay connected and maintain a good relationship with their customers. For examples; for sending out personalized birthday messages, season greetings, payment confirmations, and promotional messages.