Easy and Convenient Way to Send Bulk SMS on Beta SMS

Easy and Convenient Way to Send Bulk SMS on Beta SMS

How to Send Bulk SMS on BetaSMS 

An easy and convenient way to send bulk SMS/text messages will be explained for the benefits of our intended users. The main thing that is required is an internet enabled device which could be a mobile device or a standard computer (laptop or desktop).

To know how to send bulk SMS on this platform, the steps below are required to be followed.

7 Easy Steps for sending bulk SMS on Beta SMS  

  1. Click on “sign up”  fill-in your username, phone number, and email.
  2. Click “Compose SMS” under Member Menu, by the left-hand side of your screen.
  3. Input the number you want to send bulk SMS to in the box titled mobile/note.

Note: you will need to separate individual numbers by a comma or enter button while you are sending SMS to multiple numbers. It is advisable you also include your personal telephone number to confirm delivery

  1. Enter SENDER ID this means the name you want your recipients (target audience) to receive the message from in the box titled sender. On the compose SMS page, (it must be alphanumeric and maximum of 11 character length).
  2. Type your message in the message box.
  3. Schedule box (optional), you can use this option/feature when you want your messages to be sent at a later time.
  4. Then click on the send button, to send your messages to your target audience.


how to send bulk sms on beta sms


It is very important to note that the steps to take on how to send bulk SMS are not the same on all the bulk SMS platforms.

Ready to start using Beta SMS’s platform? Register for an account to test our platform and send bulk messages to your clients/customers/subscribers/congregation and many others with ease.

Our platform is scalable and supports any volume of messages, whether it is just 1 or millions.  You can send bulk SMS to as many recipients as you want, depending on your bulk SMS account balance in your account with us. You can also visit BetaSMS homepage to get additional information.

Now that you know how to send bulk SMS on Beta SMS, are you having troubles sending the right messages to your customers??? Why not read up about how to communicate and sell effectively to your customers.