4 Tips for Writing Effective SMS Campaigns

4 Tips for Writing Effective SMS Campaigns

One of the great things about SMS is that nearly 100% of all devices on the market are SMS enabled, making it the mobile channel that offers the widest reach possible. Even in an app-crazy world, SMS still has a high-penetration rate and a lot of brands leverage on that to get their message across effectively.
However, considering the short-attention-span that pervades the society, you want to make sure that you are writing SMS/text messaging that will cut through the clutter and will not just end up looking like junk or spam to the recipient.
If done well, SMS marketing is a simple, effective way to promote your service and encourage customers to take action. Here are 4 tips that’ll help you write good, compelling SMS for your campaign.

Make it short and sweet
SMS is not the platform to have lengthy conversations. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they can have long, chat-like text messages sent to their customers. First of all lengthy messages are discouraging for the recipient – usually when a person receives an SMS, they want to be able to absorb the crux of the message as quickly as possible (think about the last text message you received, were you sipping tea to read the message? You simply read it and absorbed the message). People want to be able to get what you are telling them in one quick reading, so you cannot turn it into a chat room or essay platform. Make sure you know the most important thing you want to pass across.

Offer something of immediate value.
When we receive text messages especially from brands or anyone promoting something, the first thing we want to note is the value that I am getting from the sender of the message. Text messaging is a quick, instantaneous medium, you should, therefore, include the instant offer/gain the recipient stands to get if they take you up on your offer. So get your offering straight

Call to action
Closely related to offering something of immediate value is the call to action that is in the text message you are sending. If you are offering a discount on a service or a product, you need to include the immediate action to be taken for recipients to take advantage of that discount. Use actionable words, with a sense of emergency. Your SMS should propel people to take an action and receive an offer.

Don’t use Slangs
Yes, slangs are the in-thing in an Instant Messaging era. However, reading slangs on text messages is just bleh and devalues your brand. Very very few companies can do a slang-themed SMS campaign and get away with it – so it’s not something you want to gamble. Send clear, well-written text messages