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Allow People Opt out from receiving your messages

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3. Activate your account from your email

4. Login with your Email amd Password

02. Fund your account

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03. Send SMS from your account

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Have you had any expereince whereby after sending your SMS Campaign to your target audience, people call you back to vent thier anger at receving your SMS?

If yes, we how how you feel! We have heard some of our Clients say that people go as far as calling them to rain abuses on them to vent their. You need to have an unsubscribe option so that people who no longer wish to receive your text alerts can easily remove themselves from your list.

BetaSMS came up with a polite way for our Clients' target audience to indicate that they want to receive to unsubscribe from receiving their messages. We offer all customers a FREE unsubscribe service when they register. This FREE SERVICE service allows our Clients create an opt-out link which they include in their SMS for people to unsubscribe without having to call back or send embarrassing text messages.


  • It reduces Spam (unsolicited or unwanted messages).
  • As a Marketer, you won’t have to waste money sending SMS to an audience that is not interested in your product or service
  • It shows you are a responsible marketer who respects other people's privacy.
  • It can give you an insight into how to better construct your marketing campaign based on the response of your target audience.
  • Avoid getting insults from unhappy people.
  • This service is FREE!


Once you have an account, simply follow the clear instructions below. After following the steps, you will get a unique unsubscribe link for your SMS Campaign. All you have to do is include this link in your message. See example below:

Happy New Month!

People love to be remembered.Send SMS as low as N1.50K to Family,Friends&Clients.

Get FREE SMS when U Signup on BetaSMS.com today.

Useful?FORWARD or OPTOUT: http://WjkKE685


Once people get your message, they can use the unsubscribe link to opt out of receiving your messages. The unsubscribe link will redirect them to http://www.betasms.com/dooptout.php.

Unsubscriber enters their phone number and clicks on the opt-out button. The sender of the message is notified that the number wants to opt out from their list.


  • STEP 1. Enter your BetaSMS Username
  • STEP 2. Enter your Message's Sender ID (e.g BetaSMS).
  • STEP 3. Enter the Captcha code and Click on Get Link.
  • STEP 4. Copy the Link.
  • STEP 5. Press the Click here to make my link shorter Button (e.g Opt out http://goo.gl/7EaVu).
  • STEP 6. Paste your link in the box and click on Shorten URL.
  • STEP 7. Copy the Short Link and Paste at the end of your message.


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