Are you a business owner, are you considering how to send. Bulk smsafrica and voice sms for a successful marketing campaign ? Bulk sms and Voice SMS is for you.

Betasms Bulk sms service provider now provides bulk sms service in africa. Bulk smsafrica allows you to send sms to major countries in africa like nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and more.

This means you can send cutomised bulk sms and voice sms with name or number sender ID to African Coutries such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya.

Our Bulk sms platform is built to help business and individuals advertise for less. It will also create job opportunity for young entrepreneur who wants to start the business by becoming a Bulk sms Reseller.

We operate a currency billing system which encourages accountability and transparency. The system also allows you to send Voice SMS and Bulk SMS from the same account. While building our reseller system we made sure we paid detailed attention to reports in order for our resellers to be accountable to the last penny.


  • Send Bulk SMS and Voice SMS from one account.
  • Enjoy premium sms and fast delivery.
  • Use our mobile app to send bulk sms to your phone contacts.
  • Fund your account with your visa and master card debit card.
  • Schedule SMS for future delivery.
  • Remove number duplicates.

Save time and costs by using these affordable Marketing tools. With Mobile marketing, businesses can reduce the cost of calls when they use Bulk SMS and Voice SMS to communicate with thier Customers

At BetaSMS, we have such services to help your business grow without breaking the bank. Get in touch with us today for more info.

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