With the global economy affecting a lot of buinesses both large and small, most Companies are looking to cut down cost of operation as much as possible. Many have been able to dramastically reduce the monthly cost of thier business call bills by replacing thier phone call with BulkSMS and Voice SMS in Nigeria.

How do Companies save cost using SMS

A company has to call an average of 10 of thier Customers in Nigeria per day, spending a minimum of 2 minutes on each call at N10 per min. This company has to spend N20 for a 2 minutes call on each customer which totals N200 per day for 20mins on 10 Customers . On a monthly basis, this totals to about N4,000 for 20 working days and N4,800 for 24 working days.

Let us calculate the cost of SMS using the same scenerio above. This company sends maximum of 2 page SMS to 10 customers daily spending N3.60K which totals N36 per day. On a monthly basis, this totals to about N720 for 20 working days and N864 for 24 working days.

This company will dave up to N3280 and N3936 respectively on phone bills monthly while they save N39,360 and N47,232 respectively on phone bills yearly.

Taking it a step further, if the company above really needs to call thier Customers to send them the same information, there is an option for cheap calls. Instead of calling up Customers one at a time spending a minimum of 2 minutes at N20 (we used 2 mins after factoring in pleasantries before and after call, network distortion, response wait etc ), the company can send a Voice sms/ Voice call / Robo call (pre-recorded voice call) instead at N12.50K per minute.

Voice is simply recorded, uploaded and sent to all numbers at once saving time. Following the calculations above, do the maths for monthly and yearly cost of phone calls and time spent against Voice sms/ Voice calls.


It’s worth considering whether your business could save cost and time by using bulk sms and voice sms in Nigeria as way of getting simple alerts to your customer base. The above scenerios may be relative to businesses and preferences but you can be assured that using SMS cost less and takes just few minutes to send.

Are you a business owner, are you considering how to save time and cost with Bulk SMS and Voice SMS in Nigeria for your business in other to maximaize your profits? Bulks SMS and Voice SMS is for you.

Save time and costs by using these affordable Marketing tools. With Mobile marketing, businesses can reduce the cost of calls when they use Bulk SMS or Voice SMS to communicate with thier Customers

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