Mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a smart phone. Mobile marketing can provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas (Wikipedia).

Since the introduction of mobile phones, an estimate of about 101,271,578 Nigerian use Mobile phones as at 2012 (Wikipedia). Out of these Mobile phones uses are those who use the infamous Blackberry Smart phone.

On a Blackberry Smart phone, users can add other Blackberry phone users to thier Blackberry messanger list. Blackberry messanger is a chat software that comes preinstalled exclusively(as of the time of this writing) on Blackberry phones. It allows Blackberry users chat, share files etc via internet subscription on thier Blackberry. It is also possible for them to messages known as broadcasts to some or all contacts on thier Blackberry messanger list.

The restriction on Blackberry messanger is a Blackberry users cannot send broadcasts or messages to Blackberry users who have not been added to thier Blackberry messanger.

To solve this problem, BLACKBERRY PIN BLASTER,, a Blackberry mobile application was developed to send broadcasts or messages to Blackberry users who are not added to a person's Blackberry messanger list.


Pin Blaster allows you send unlimited character messages from your Blackberry phone to any phone with BBM PINS for FREE!You can take advantage of this and send free advert for your business, product or service in Nigeria.

  • Download Pin Blaster to your Blackberry phone
  • Run application
  • Enter Recipients's pin or upload file with pins on your phone.
  • Type message. Keep message short and straight. Also ask people text unsuscribe if they dont want to recieve your messages.
  • Send Message

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