Formatting Tool

You can

Paste numbers here to get comma seperated format:

Or upload a file(.txt or excel) to get Bulk SMS format

Also you can

Paste numbers here:

Purpose of the tool

Convert your recipient mobile numbers into BetaSMS usable format, you can covert your mobile numbers into single sms format(comma separated) or bulk sms format(requires txt download). The tool also removes duplicate numbers.

Getting comma seperated format:

  1. Paste your your numbers in the field provided.
  2. Click on Get Comma Seperated Format.
  3. The tool will proccess your numbers.
  4. Copy the BetaSMS formatted result and use.

Getting Bulk SMS format:

  1. Accepted upload file formats are text and excel documents.
  2. Make sure the file contains only mobile numbers.
  3. Upload your file.
  4. If you uploaded an excel document, make sure your numbers are in the first column(column A) of the file. See example below.
  5. Alternatively, you can copy numbers from a text or excel file and paste it into the field provided.
  6. Click on Download Bulk SMS Format.
  7. The tool will proccess your numbers.
  8. Save the formatted result and use it whenever you want to send bulk SMS.